Exterior Works Project in Felpham, West Sussex

This project in Felpham, West Sussex, was the final phase of the project to build a modern beach-front home on the Sussex coast. In keeping with the appearance of the house, the garden needed to reflect this and was designed to be low maintenance, and sociable.

Materials were chosen for their hardy nature and not ones to be ravaged by the salty air. With a mix of these materials including rendered walls topped with complimentary brick soldier coursing, and the teak decking, the composition zones the garden to allow the clients to relax and socialise in comfort.

Whilst the front garden is formal in its appearance, with orderly paths and delineation along with architectural planting, the rear is given over to a more open form with colour and texture adding visual breaks with trees in planters along the rear wall to add a softening break between man-made and natural elements.

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